rrobertswxlab: Storms east of Lubbock producing outflow boundary LBB metro. Wind dust possible-thunderstorms forming over lbb area. pic.twitter.com/dUClcKL49trrobertswxlab: KAMC Temp live weathernow 90 degrees. Atmosphere becoing unstable. Afternoon sct. rain/thunder possible. 30% your location.rrobertswxlab: Thunderstorm wind Plainview moving toward LBB metro. Possible thunderstorms metro area 6pm. https://t.co/m3vMu54sA4 pic.twitter.com/XAwTxuKK03rrobertswxlab: Spotty thunderstorms bring rain and temp relief. Floydada temp fell over 10 degrees. Bring it on! pic.twitter.com/W9jlci7q1A
Ron Roberts
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