rrobertswxlab: Series of fronts impact our area with below av. temps-above av. precip. Week totals from 0.00" some locations-up to 1.50". #Splainswxrrobertswxlab: Storm Team at the American Cancer Society's annual fundraiser. Thx for helping fight cancer. @kris10currie #stormteam pic.twitter.com/gPlsKSRvY1rrobertswxlab: 98-102 temp range today...with 15-20 degree drop by Wednesday. Rain totals 0.25" to 0.50"-iso. 1.00" LBB area... http://t.co/RxDJ1EhZA3rrobertswxlab: Hot evening for Cattle Barrons Ball. But big temp drop next week with sct. T-storms. #Splainswxrrobertswxlab: At DFW Airport for final trip home. Air quality poor. Front will bring cooler temp - rain lbb & dfw nxt wk. #vacation pic.twitter.com/vBP7VrIHgnrrobertswxlab: Family selfie from Honolulu. Red eye to DFW creating travel fatigue. Lubbock is next! #2014 #vacation a hit! pic.twitter.com/hAwWj2rVB3rrobertswxlab: Nap finished. Now last meal in Hawaii before Texas bound. #Splains#2014 #vacation pic.twitter.com/qMyjTTi2vFrrobertswxlab: Strong late July cool front arrives Sun. PM. Below av. temps next week-with a few t-showers. #Splainswx #nosummer #2014rrobertswxlab: Fun time on the Big Island with kiddos. And guns up! #2014 #vacation #WreckEm pic.twitter.com/yTLnkMjfxRrrobertswxlab: Trees at southern most point in U.S. bend east to west with persistent gusty wind. Fun in Hawaii #2014#vacation pic.twitter.com/4A7TYdAKYkrrobertswxlab: Sunsets over Hawaii are beautiful. Tropical disturbance east of the big Isle. creating wind-rain. #2014 #vacation pic.twitter.com/jLJ0SeUN4Qrrobertswxlab: @WTVAmatt we are having a blast!rrobertswxlab: Vacation on a black beach in Hawaii. #vacation#2014 pic.twitter.com/ZKaKafUslerrobertswxlab: Temps near 100 continue. Heat Advisory-Oklahoma. Air quality alert-DFW area. PM iso t-storms Tues. #Splainswxrrobertswxlab: Flash Flood Warning for Roosevelt County in NM until 4:15pm MDT Monday. Weathernow Zoom Radar with Updatesrrobertswxlab: Traded in suit and tie for Hawaii exploring including volcanoes, island climate and waterfalls. #vacation #2014 pic.twitter.com/SWGFY7nMAMrrobertswxlab: Tree hugging in Hawaii. #vacation#2014 pic.twitter.com/lzF2LzSdcBrrobertswxlab: There a few t-storms producing brief heavy rain and lightning. Zoom Radar. http://t.co/B7fzIZEjGe #Splainswx pic.twitter.com/MMLkAf443Drrobertswxlab: My view of Pauko bay on the big island Hawaii. Let the fun-cation begin. #vacation #2014 pic.twitter.com/NwkB5pSO60rrobertswxlab: Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Lea County in NM until 9:30pm MDT. Weathernow Zoom Radar with Updates

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About NetWeatherNow.com

We are a regional streaming digital-media weather channel for the Southeast New Mexico and West Texas Regions. Our broadcast studio is located in Lubbock, Texas with Live Broadcasting operations beginning this year on your computer-portable-and mobile devices.

Our primary markets are Lubbock, Odessa, Midland, Abilene, Amarillo, Dallas-Fort Worth in the Texas area, and in New Mexico, we cover Ruidoso, Roswell, Alamagordo, Carlsbad, Artesia, Hobbs and Lovington.

About Ron Roberts

KAMC HDTV Lubbock, Texas

Ron Roberts is a seasoned broadcaster and a veteran of tornado alley. With a career that spans over 30 years in radio and television, Roberts has earned top honours for being the region’s #1 meteorologist. As a child, he was fascinated by the severe storms indigenous to this region. He lived through the May 11, 1970, devastating Lubbock Tornado. He spent many spring afternoons chasing severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s and helped plot the movement of the dryline as a part of a team of Research Students from Texas Tech University. Roberts went on to study his favourite subject, Environmental Science and Meteorology, earning a Master's Degree from Texas Tech University in 1992. He earned his Seal of Approval from the American Meteorological Society in 1992 and is full member of the American Meteorological Society.

Roberts appeared in a BBC Climate Change Special in 2011 and a Discovery Channel Climate Change Special in 2012. Roberts with KAMC TV and Texas Tech University with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe hosted a Challenging Climate forum on the campus of Texas Tech University in November 2011. The forum, with a full capacity audience, addressed Climate Change impacts on West Texas with an emphasis on water conservation, improved landscape techniques and possible climate challenges in the future. Roberts is the only Broadcast Meteorologist in West Texas to make extended climate forecasts and emphasize conservation of resources as a part oh his nightly weather forecast updates.

Radio Media

In addition to being Chief Meteorologist for the KAMC28 Weather Lab, Roberts also provides weather coverage for the Storm Team Radio Network working with radio stations for the Lubbock, Ruidoso, Midland and Abilene listening area. His weather can be heard on a total of 15 radio stations.

Digital Media

Ron Roberts Weather is available on digital media for the Lubbock, Midland, Abilene, Ruidoso-SE New Mexico and Dallas-Fort Worth area. Under development is a streaming digital weather channel-NetWeather.com. This continuous regional weather source is anticipated for a 2013 start. For your local Weathernow forecast, go to www.ronrobertsweather.com and click your region located on the service map area.

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Ron Roberts Weather is available on both the I phone and Droid mobile devices. Downloads are available from the I phone App Store or Droid users can download through the Weathernow digital media site- http://weathernow.tv/lubbock/mobile-app.html

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Ron Roberts Weather is available through Social Media updates on both twitter and facebook. You can follow daily weather updates and interact with viewer weather pictures and viewer weather questions.

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Ron Roberts Weather is developing a network of live weather data sites for public information and improved verification of forecast modeling. The live weather data is used during Ron Roberts Weather Broadcasts on both KAMC HDTV-Lubbock and the Storm Team Radio Network. Live Skycams are also located over the region to provide real-time verification of weather conditions as further improvement of radar detection or satellite imagery. The live weather sites cover an area from Eastland, Texas to Ruidoso, New Mexico and will be an integral part of the planned Netweathernow.com digital streaming regional weather channel.

Forensic Meteorology

Ron Roberts Weather provides Forensics Meteorology for insurance or legal issues. Services include data research, data source verification, professional reports, depositions and courtroom expert witness appearances.

Data collection, verification and analysis $35.00 per hour plus expenses
Depositions representing data results $65.00 per hour plus expenses
Courtroom appearance representing data results $100.00 per hour plus expenses

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Ron Roberts Phone 806.535.7341
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Lubbock, Texas 79423
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