rrobertswxlab: Again too far out for confidence. Posting for possibility near Christmas. Concerned with possible travel disruption… https://t.co/fSDpjTXtQxrrobertswxlab: Too far out for confidence. Posting for awareness of possibility near Christmas. Colder temps more likely than snow… https://t.co/GfktiNrkzVrrobertswxlab: Weather Miracles Parade on 34th Street Saturday: 6pm start 48-52 falling to 38-42 by end of parade. Donate a Toy to… https://t.co/sLMo7Piz6xrrobertswxlab: And a great warm idea! https://t.co/pt4UihdxFE
Ron Roberts
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Specialized extended climate forecast available for monthly planning or special events.
Email your forecast request to rroberts@ronrobertsweather.com. Rates subject to specific regional needs.